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Selling some stuff (:

Hello everyone!!! :D

i'm a JAY CHOU FANNNNNN!!! however, due to some problems... 
im lacking in money ):
therefore i'm selling some of my jay chou stuff (they are extras, i have double of each that i'm selling :x )

Here are some items:

- Jay Chou Kung Fu Dunk PhotoBook =  $25 (bought it at $30 ): )
- Jay Chou 2007 world tour concert DVD (brand new) = ONLY $15!! 
- Jay Chou 2008 "On The Run" Album = $15
- Jay Chou 2008 "On The Run" Limited Edition Calender = only $8!!!
*Special package: "On The Run" Album + Limited Edition Calender = $20!!!
- Jay Chou movie: Secret DVD = $15
- Jay Chou movie: KungFu Dunk DVD = $15

also selling :
- Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang "From Now On" album (WITH SIGNATURE) = ONLY $18 (bought at $20 + hours of queuing)

If you have any questions:
Do contact me at
or simply send leave a comment on this post.
I will provide pictures upon request for them :D

~ I do ship internationally,
~ I live in Singapore so local jaychou fangirls are always welcome to meet-up
or i can send through postage.
~ Postage/Shipping fees not included in the above prices. '

so MAIL MEEEE!!! :D thank you very muchhhhh~
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