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As the big winner at the Golden Melody Awards, Jay donates TW 400,000

Source: www.udn.com
Translated By: jay_is_cute (www.jay-chou.net)

暌違6年,周杰倫重享金曲獎5項(連同方文山)拿獎榮耀,昨天開心決定,捐出他的4項金曲獎個人獎金40萬 元,做為員工福利抽獎之用,令杰威爾公司20多位員工以擁有這位「金雞母」老闆為榮。
After six years, Jay Chou once again enjoys the glory of winning five categories (including the “Best Lyricist” category for Vincent Fang) at the Golden Melody Awards. Yesterday, he happily decided to donate the prize money that he received for winning his four categories, amounting to TW 400,000. The money will be used as prize money for an employee raffle, so that the twenty or so employees of JVR can share the honor of their generous boss.

周杰倫昨天傍晚返台,直接回家與母親、家人分享喜悅,周杰倫返台之後,將投入今年新專輯的工作,準備下月推出。金曲獎之夜,周杰倫遠在溫州,前晚演唱會結束後,獲悉跨界共贏得5獎,情緒超high表示:「謝謝歌迷,謝謝評審,這次評審眼光不錯哦!」演唱會中周董狂傳20幾通簡訊給方文山和彈頭,完全即時掌 控金曲進度。
Yesterday evening Jay returned to Taiwan and went straight home to celebrate with his mother and his family. After returning to Taiwan, Jay will be focusing on his new album for this year, preparing for its release next month. On the night of the Golden Melody Awards, Jay was away in Wenzhou. After finishing his concert two nights ago and learning of his amazing win (five awards), his mood was extremely high. He expressed, “Thank you to my fans, thank you to the judges. This time, the judges’ taste is not bad!” During the concert, Jay unrestrainedly sent out twenty-something text messages to both Vincent Fang and Dan Tou (Devonn of NQMM) to hear of the latest progress of the GMAs.

Vincent Fang, winning the award of Best Lyricist for the second time now, wore his new haircut from that afternoon and celebrated in the sweet company of his girlfriend, who was teary eyed many times throughout the day. She was originally going to be a staff member at Jay’s Wenzhou concert, but she purposely took leave to support her boyfriend. Indeed she has brought good luck to Vincent. When Vincent, who is turning forty next year, was asked when he would marry his girlfriend and bring her back home, he immediately answered shyly, “It’s a secret. Won’t answer personal matters.”

刻意岔開婚期問題,方文山笑說:「領獎剛下台,發現手機冒出27 通簡訊,想說手機是不是壞了。」方文山表示,頒獎典禮開始前,則是接到來自周杰倫的密集簡訊,交代每個獎項 代領時的感言,他說:「我太緊張,大概只照他意思講了80%。」
Purposely avoiding the question of marriage, Vincent Fang said while smiling, “After receiving the awards and leaving the stage, I discovered that my phone had twenty seven new text messages. I thought my phone had broken.” Vincent says that prior to the awards ceremony, he received many texts from Jay, telling him what to say when accepting each award. However, Vincent reveals, “I was too nervous. I probably only said eighty percent of what Jay wanted me to say.”

周杰倫曾在第13屆金曲獎以「范特西」專輯拿下5獎,但這幾年往往失望而回。本屆特別貢獻獎得主陳志遠看周杰倫:「他100%靠邏輯作曲」。陳志遠解釋,周杰倫寫歌自己唱,充分了解自己的音域,避開不擅長的領域,聽他的歌就知道有一定的邏輯可循。陳志遠也批判現階段的選秀節目,一窩蜂產生的歌手像「蛋塔骨 牌」現象,有如當年他在餐廳發掘張惠妹,結果一夕之間所有餐廳歌手被唱片公司簽光,但也很快崩 盤。
Years ago, at the 13th Golden Melody Awards, Jay had also won five awards for his album “Fantasy,” but in the years following, he had been disappointed many times. This year’s winner of the “Special Contribution Award” was Chen Zhi Yuan. He says about Jay, “Jay relies on logic 100% when he composes.” Chen Zhi Yuan explains that since Jay composes songs for himself and understands his own vocal range well, he is able to avoid his weaknesses. When listening to his songs, the logic followed is obvious. Chen Zhi Yuan also criticized that the talent shows these days have started producing so many artists that it is like a "domino effect.". The trend is similar to the days when he discovered A-mei Chang at a restaurant and overnight the record companies signed all the restaurant singers they could find. The trend quickly died down though.
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