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Im selling away my KUNG FU DUNK photobook at cheap price.

For pictures/ price/ details please go to my LJ !

Thank you!!!

OR you may email me directly at anpan_land@yahoo.com.sg

-the price is negotiable
-email me for all enquiries!!!

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[08 Jul 2009|04:48am]

your daily dose of Jay Chou

we just started this community X3
hopefully this is allowed...if not, then i'm sorry and feel free to delete
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Autographed Jay Chou CD [06 Jul 2009|09:41pm]

I've got a brand new Jay Chou autographed cd going for 20USD
十一月的萧邦/November's Chopin
It comes with a cd and a vcd with the music videos from the album.
It's brand new, and the autograph is on the lyric booklet.

drop me a mail here if you're interested/want to see a picture of it.

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Jay Chou's 1st Australian Concert - Sydney 3rd Jul 2009 My Review [05 Jul 2009|04:25am]

[ mood | busy ]

I went to his Concert on the past Fri so i made a review on it for anyone who is interested ^_^

please head over here: http://jl2020.livejournal.com/4097.html

Thank you!

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Selling some stuff (: [03 Jun 2009|05:21pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello everyone!!! :D

i'm a JAY CHOU FANNNNNN!!! however, due to some problems... 
im lacking in money ):
therefore i'm selling some of my jay chou stuff (they are extras, i have double of each that i'm selling :x )

Here are some items:

- Jay Chou Kung Fu Dunk PhotoBook =  $25 (bought it at $30 ): )
- Jay Chou 2007 world tour concert DVD (brand new) = ONLY $15!! 
- Jay Chou 2008 "On The Run" Album = $15
- Jay Chou 2008 "On The Run" Limited Edition Calender = only $8!!!
*Special package: "On The Run" Album + Limited Edition Calender = $20!!!
- Jay Chou movie: Secret DVD = $15
- Jay Chou movie: KungFu Dunk DVD = $15

also selling :
- Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang "From Now On" album (WITH SIGNATURE) = ONLY $18 (bought at $20 + hours of queuing)

If you have any questions:
Do contact me at jolene_ning@hotmail.com
or simply send leave a comment on this post.
I will provide pictures upon request for them :D

~ I do ship internationally,
~ I live in Singapore so local jaychou fangirls are always welcome to meet-up
or i can send through postage.
~ Postage/Shipping fees not included in the above prices. '

so MAIL MEEEE!!! :D thank you very muchhhhh~

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Selling Jay chou items! [03 Feb 2009|06:25pm]


I am a Jay Chou Fan,
Selling some items :

1. Jay Chou Kung Fu Dunk Photo Book SGD$28
2. Jay Chou World Tour Poster 2008 SGD$3
3. Jay Chou Kung Fu Dunk Cards SGD$1.50 For (four)

Click Here for pictures and more information.

Singaporeans / Other countries are both welcome.

Email me directly if you are interested 
( reikobean@yahoo.com.sg )

Thank you.

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Concert Report: Jay Chou in Toronto [04 Jan 2009|04:15am]

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I went to see Jay Chou in concert at the Air Canada Centre when he was here in Toronto. With that, I finally got around to compiling pictures and writing a report for my journal. I thought that maybe some people here would be interested in it, although I will warn you and say it is frightfully long and full of personal commentary, but you can ignore all of that and just check it out for my sister's pictures too ♥

Here's a little visual preview:

(Follow the fake-cut to my journal...)

cross-posted to: findingjielun
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Jay Chou Poster [29 Dec 2008|05:08pm]



Jay chou world tour 2008 poster.
Not used before!

Go to  www.reikobeanland.blogspot.com
(FLH stuffs there too~!)

Thank you!!!

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jay stuff and others for sale [29 Dec 2008|02:25am]


Hi! I updated my journal with new items! Please come and take a look! (Discounts if you buy alot!!!)

Photobooks $25-$50 
  Koike Teppei
  Super Junior
  Farenheit includes A BUNCH of goodies!!!

Stickers $3-$6
  Koike Teppei
  Hayami Mokomichi
  Jay Chou
  Leehom Wang

  Koike Teppei
  Rain(Full House edition)
  Super Junior
  Super Junior M
  Show Luo
  Jay Chou
  Leehom Wang
  Rainie Yang
  Jolin Tsai and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Assorted cute Asian stuff-stickers, stationary, plushes, keychains, etc. $1-$12

Clothes (SUPER SALE!!!) MOSTLY UNDER $10!!!

Please visit my livejournal for pictures and details!!! 




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Looking for merchandise [22 Dec 2008|08:02pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Where can I get Jay merchandise that is Canada-friendly? I found one eBay seller in Malaysia, but most of their items are on pre-order (everything I want to order this year is pre-order) and I have exhausted YesAsia. I was expecting to buy merchandise at his Toronto World Tour Concert last week, but all I found was some guy with a duffle bag of t-shirts and I didn't trust that.

Specifically, I want a t-shirt (M, pink preferred), a pink wrist band, a water bottle - the eBay seller has 2007 Deerhui ones that are nice, a simple necklace, the female necklace + ring, a tote bag, and the cloth bag with all the little Jays on it. Any idea where I can find any of this stuff in a timely manner? :(


* cross posted to everythingjay

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Gift giving [09 Oct 2008|05:38pm]

I'm going to Jay's Toronto concert in December, which will be my first not-dinky concert [compared to watching Andy Lau at the Trump Taj Mahal, at least]. I was wondering if it's possible to go near the stage to give him flowers or something or whether or not we can give it to the bouncers to put on the stage, cause I have done that when watching Andy Lau at the Trump Taj Mahal. Will they reject it and tell me to go back to my seat? But obviously I'm not going to try to make my way up there while he's singing...

But do you think I could? Even if I'm not in the fanzone or VIP area?
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Jay in Toronto [30 Sep 2008|06:49pm]

Anyone else going to see Jay's Music Journey in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on December 18th 2008? I'll be there! TicketMaster started their sales for his concert yesterday for $288, $158, $98, $78, and $58 but there's an extra area going for $388 that's currently sold out by Entertainment Trend representatives.

It'd be pretty sweet to meet someone/people there, considering I have one friend who likes Jay Chou, and she's doing her exams that week, aha.
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Jay Chou's Capricorn [22 Sep 2008|09:09pm]


AHHHH<3Collapse )
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Limited Sale item! [14 Sep 2008|12:46pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello :D
I'm selling a Limited Sale item of Jay Chow. A friend bought this for me but I've never used it. ^^" It includes the poster, CD for "On the Run" and a special Limited Edition Calendar + Box. So if anyone's interested, leave me a comment or email me at marissaxing@yahoo.com. All items are brand new!
Thanks :D

Click Here! :DCollapse )

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Jay's new movie [28 Aug 2008|12:26pm]

Hello hello everybody on this community! 

I am a big Jay Chow fan! but sadly...I missed the recent movie, about bascketball...It was showing in the small theaters for a while (I would say less than 10 theaters throughout Japan and the duration is probably for a week????).  Gosh...Jay Chou is not popular at all here in Japan! Nobody knows neither his name, nor his music!....and I am one of the limited number of fans in Japan but poor Jay...one of the few few fans in Japan missed to watch his movie....I've heard there is a new movie coming up? about Autum something....it really looks good.  I am looking forward to watch both movies.  The missed one...do you know where I can buy the DVD?
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Selling Jay photobook! [26 Aug 2008|05:30pm]

Hello. Not sure if this is allowed so mods please feel free to delete if it's not allowed.

I'm currently helping my friend sell this:
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hi everyone! [18 Aug 2008|11:54pm]

[ mood | excited ]

We created a new Jay Chou community to gather and collect news and tidbits about Jay.

Everyone who loves Jay and his talents is welcome to join. ^^;;


findingjielun findingjielun findingjielun
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Selling Jay Chou "The One" [30 Jul 2008|03:58pm]

I hope this kind of post is okay. If not, please feel free to delete!

I'm moving out of the country in a few months so I'm selling some things that I can't bring with me. I currently have Jay Chou's "The One Live in Concert" CD/DVD up for sale here - http://m-inglorion.livejournal.com/237590.html. I also have other CDs up so if you're interested, please take a look!
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As the big winner at the Golden Melody Awards, Jay donates TW 400,000 [26 Jul 2008|09:18am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Source: www.udn.com
Translated By: jay_is_cute (www.jay-chou.net)

暌違6年,周杰倫重享金曲獎5項(連同方文山)拿獎榮耀,昨天開心決定,捐出他的4項金曲獎個人獎金40萬 元,做為員工福利抽獎之用,令杰威爾公司20多位員工以擁有這位「金雞母」老闆為榮。
After six years, Jay Chou once again enjoys the glory of winning five categories (including the “Best Lyricist” category for Vincent Fang) at the Golden Melody Awards. Yesterday, he happily decided to donate the prize money that he received for winning his four categories, amounting to TW 400,000. The money will be used as prize money for an employee raffle, so that the twenty or so employees of JVR can share the honor of their generous boss.

周杰倫昨天傍晚返台,直接回家與母親、家人分享喜悅,周杰倫返台之後,將投入今年新專輯的工作,準備下月推出。金曲獎之夜,周杰倫遠在溫州,前晚演唱會結束後,獲悉跨界共贏得5獎,情緒超high表示:「謝謝歌迷,謝謝評審,這次評審眼光不錯哦!」演唱會中周董狂傳20幾通簡訊給方文山和彈頭,完全即時掌 控金曲進度。
Yesterday evening Jay returned to Taiwan and went straight home to celebrate with his mother and his family. After returning to Taiwan, Jay will be focusing on his new album for this year, preparing for its release next month. On the night of the Golden Melody Awards, Jay was away in Wenzhou. After finishing his concert two nights ago and learning of his amazing win (five awards), his mood was extremely high. He expressed, “Thank you to my fans, thank you to the judges. This time, the judges’ taste is not bad!” During the concert, Jay unrestrainedly sent out twenty-something text messages to both Vincent Fang and Dan Tou (Devonn of NQMM) to hear of the latest progress of the GMAs.

Vincent Fang, winning the award of Best Lyricist for the second time now, wore his new haircut from that afternoon and celebrated in the sweet company of his girlfriend, who was teary eyed many times throughout the day. She was originally going to be a staff member at Jay’s Wenzhou concert, but she purposely took leave to support her boyfriend. Indeed she has brought good luck to Vincent. When Vincent, who is turning forty next year, was asked when he would marry his girlfriend and bring her back home, he immediately answered shyly, “It’s a secret. Won’t answer personal matters.”

刻意岔開婚期問題,方文山笑說:「領獎剛下台,發現手機冒出27 通簡訊,想說手機是不是壞了。」方文山表示,頒獎典禮開始前,則是接到來自周杰倫的密集簡訊,交代每個獎項 代領時的感言,他說:「我太緊張,大概只照他意思講了80%。」
Purposely avoiding the question of marriage, Vincent Fang said while smiling, “After receiving the awards and leaving the stage, I discovered that my phone had twenty seven new text messages. I thought my phone had broken.” Vincent says that prior to the awards ceremony, he received many texts from Jay, telling him what to say when accepting each award. However, Vincent reveals, “I was too nervous. I probably only said eighty percent of what Jay wanted me to say.”

周杰倫曾在第13屆金曲獎以「范特西」專輯拿下5獎,但這幾年往往失望而回。本屆特別貢獻獎得主陳志遠看周杰倫:「他100%靠邏輯作曲」。陳志遠解釋,周杰倫寫歌自己唱,充分了解自己的音域,避開不擅長的領域,聽他的歌就知道有一定的邏輯可循。陳志遠也批判現階段的選秀節目,一窩蜂產生的歌手像「蛋塔骨 牌」現象,有如當年他在餐廳發掘張惠妹,結果一夕之間所有餐廳歌手被唱片公司簽光,但也很快崩 盤。
Years ago, at the 13th Golden Melody Awards, Jay had also won five awards for his album “Fantasy,” but in the years following, he had been disappointed many times. This year’s winner of the “Special Contribution Award” was Chen Zhi Yuan. He says about Jay, “Jay relies on logic 100% when he composes.” Chen Zhi Yuan explains that since Jay composes songs for himself and understands his own vocal range well, he is able to avoid his weaknesses. When listening to his songs, the logic followed is obvious. Chen Zhi Yuan also criticized that the talent shows these days have started producing so many artists that it is like a "domino effect.". The trend is similar to the days when he discovered A-mei Chang at a restaurant and overnight the record companies signed all the restaurant singers they could find. The trend quickly died down though.

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Jay Chou shunned this year's Golden Melody Awards [26 Jul 2008|09:13am]

[ mood | blah ]

Despite a slew of nominations and gongs, Jay Chou shunned this year's Golden Melody Awards

Source: Taipeitimes
Credit: noreen (www.jay-chou.net)

In an evening that saw the comeback of big-name stars, Jay Chou (周杰倫) triumphed, picking up the Best Composer and Best Song awards for the single Blue and White Porcelain (青花瓷), which also won his long-term partner Vincent Fang (方文山) the title of Best Lyricist. Even Chou's music work for his directorial debut Secret (不能說的秘密) won big in the usually overlooked instrumental music categories, grabbing top honors in Best Composer and Best Album Producer sections.

The biggest surprise of the night was Karen Mok, who walked home with the Best Mandarin Album award.

The 19th Golden Melody Awards (第十 九屆金曲獎) took place at Taipei Arena (台北巨蛋) last night, with pop music awards handed out in a total of 23 categories chosen from among more than 100 nominees by a 33-member panel of judges after four rounds of jury meetings.

The nominees in this year's pop music categories contained many familiar faces. Jay Chou (周杰倫) garnered the most nominations including Best Song, Best Mandarin Album, Best Composer and Best Lyricist. Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) was another strong contender with seven nominations, followed by folk-rock band Sodagreen (蘇打綠) with six.

The coveted Best Band award went to last year's titleholder Sodagreen (蘇打綠), beating out all-girl rock band Cheery Boom (櫻桃幫) and the more experimental Hakka hip-hop outfit Kou Chou Ching (拷秋勤).

In the hotly contested Best Mandarin Female Singer category, Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) beat out strong contenders A-mei (張惠妹), Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿) and Fish Leong (梁靜茹) to walk away with the trophy. The Best Mandarin Male Singer went to Gary Tsao (曹格) from Malaysia.

Despite the large number of nominations for his album On the Run (我很忙), Chou did not attend the ceremony. The Chairman was busy touring China instead.

Among the best-dressed stars were members of pop-rock band Won Fu (旺福樂團), who might have started a new trend when they showed up decked out in retro disco era-duds. Karen Mok (莫文蔚) was, as always, easy on the eyes with her long legs and tasteful yet revealing dress.

Pop diva A-mei (張惠妹), unfortunately, ditched her tai mei (台妹) look and went for an unflattering all-black evening dress that made her look flat-chested and slightly chubby. Hong Kong's Eason Chan (陳奕迅) grabbed attention with a noticeably receding hairline.

The "Queen of Cute," Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) decided to adorn her wholesome good looks with a dull one-piece dress and black stockings, while Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) looked like she was trying too hard in a dress that resembled a pink-and-white knot.

Hip-hop outfit Da Mouth (大嘴巴) won for Best Singing Group category. When asked backstage how she felt about her group's winning the award for their debut album, Japanese starlet-turned-hip-hop artist Ai Sha (愛紗) said, "we are all in shock."

This year's jury was unusually keen on giving artists two awards. Not surprisingly, visually-impaired musician Hsiao Huang-chi (蕭煌奇) beat out last year's titleholder Shih Wen-bin (施文彬) and veteran crooner Wang Shi-xian (王識賢) to pick up the Best Taiwanese Male Singer trophy. Hsiao also won Best Taiwanese-language Album later last night.

Ipay Buyci took top honors in both the Best Aboriginal Album and Best Aboriginal Singer categories for her pop-music album sung in Atayal (泰雅).

Another double winner was veteran Hakka musician Ayu Huang (黃連煜), who garnered Best Hakka Album and Best Hakka Singer for his album 2007 Banana. Brimming with gratitude during his acceptance speech, Huang first thanked the jury for being nice enough to give an award to someone who made his first solo album at the age of 50. The long thank-you list Huang read from included "those friends who have lent me money and dared not ask me to pay it back."

The recipient of this year's Lifetime Contribution Award was Chen Chih-yuan (陳志遠), one of the key figures in the folk music, or minge (民歌), movement in 1980s. Chen is best known for his many award-winning arrangements for pop singers such as Tsai Chin (蔡琴), Pan Yue-yun (潘越雲), Su Jui (蘇芮) and, more recently, A-mei.

Gongs for the 19th Golden Melody Awards' Artistic and Traditional music categories were handed out late last month to little fanfare.

P/S: Jay won

Song of The Year = Qing Hua Qi
Best Composer = Qing Hua Qi
Best Lyricist = Fang Wen Shan
Best Producer for Instrumental Album = Secret OST
Best Composer for Instrumental Album = Secret OS

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